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RTV 3411: Race, Class, Gender and Media Section 8344, Fall 2010 Lecture : Online only Dr. Cory L. Armstrong 3045 Weimer Hall Phone: 392-0847 carmstrong@jou.ufl.edu Physical Office Hours: Tuesdays from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.: Thursdays from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Others by appointment. See Syllabus weeks for virtual chat times. Required Text: Race/Gender/Media: Considering Diversity Across Audience, Content and Producers , Rebecca Ann Lind, 2010, Boston: Allyn & Bacon (Second Edition). Additional Readings: Included within each module. Catalog Course Description : Analysis of issues confronting the communications industries, professionals and media audiences in relation to the context of global and national diversity. Course Goals: Identify how cultural and social privilege can influence the media. Challenge various assumptions about the difficulties in reaching diverse audiences. Adapt our professional practices and personal views to fit the needs of a diverse population. Develop sensitivity toward how to embrace difference in media coverage. Acquire knowledge of the media’s influence over culture and stereotypes. Become an informed media consumer. Course structure: This course is web-only. A learning module has been set up for each section of the class. Each module will run from Monday at 12:00 a.m. to Sunday at 11:59 p.m. of a given week—including any holidays . It is the student’s responsibility to follow and adhere to this schedule. Each module contains a lecture, readings, discussion topics, and a quiz. Two exams will also evaluate your knowledge and understanding of the material. Final grades will be developed from a mixture of quizzes, discussions, assignments and exams. See the grade breakdown later in this syllabus. It is the student’s responsibility to follow and adhere to this schedule. Course Requirements: Deadlines: The assignments in this class will all be turned in via E-Learning. If you experience technical difficulties, your first line of defense will be to contact the UF HelpDesk at 392-HELP. If they cannot resolve your issue, please contact your instructor regarding these issues. Please plan accordingly to negotiate these potential interruptions, as it is your responsibility to turn in assignments by the deadlines.
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Assignments: 1. Media Analysis: Students will examine informational media content from two similar products (two newspapers, two magazines, two blogs, two broadcast stations) and compare and contrast 1 WEEK of their coverage/content, using a diversity perspective. The final product will be a three-page paper discussing your findings. 2. Module Quizzes: Students will complete an online quiz for each learning module in the class, based on readings and lecture materials. 3.
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RTV3411 syllabus - RTV 3411: Race, Class, Gender and Media...

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