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Annotated Bibliography Assignment Sheet - 1 ENC 1102...

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1 ENC 1102 Spring 2009 Annotated Bibliography Assignment Instr. Mauro Carassai Important Dates Draft Due: Monday, 03/02 Final Due: Monday, 03/16 Annotated Bibliography The Annotated Bibliography is not intended to be a complete bibliography of everything that might be included, but a selective annotated bibliography of works that you have, however briefly, actually looked at and can see will be valuable. Creating an annotated bibliography will require that you use a variety of intellectual skills: evaluation, analysis, and careful library research. This is a substantial piece of work, and you should be beginning to assemble it as earlier as possible. Purpose 1) to prepare for the Research Paper by gathering source materials, 2) to summarize and/or evaluate each source’s central point(s), Please consider that summaries and evaluations must be in your own words . Do not copy and paste articles or books Abstracts. Simple ‘Copy and Paste’ practices will seriously lower your grade. 3) explain each source’s importance/relevance for your Research Paper Audience A general audience familiar with the speech and subject matter you are analyzing. The submission must have the following elements: (a) A short introduction to explain the topic (about 200 words) (b) A bibliography set out in one of the approved methods and formats, using MLA or APA conventions as appropriate (These will be introduced in class during Week 9 – see syllabus). (c) Your bibliography should be followed by an account (about 300 words) of the resources you
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Annotated Bibliography Assignment Sheet - 1 ENC 1102...

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