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ENC 1102 Spring 2009 Quotations Incorporation Instr. Mauro Carassai Quotations Incorporation This assignment is designed to help you understand the relationship between your research and how to incorporate the most relevant quotes into your writing. Please critically re-read one section of “Americans All” by Werner Sollors at and: 1) Choose a substantial passage of at least 5 consecutive sentences that you want to closely examine 2) Create a graceful and effective introduction to the quote you chose that suggests why the reader should want to follow you as you examine it closely
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Follow the quotation with at least one paragraph that evaluates the quote and explains its importance 4) Ask 3 questions concerning possible developments of your last paragraph for which you do not have to have the answers 5) Provide a title for your paragraph + questions set The exercise, which provides the basis of next class discussion, must be e-mailed to me no later than 6 pm on Tuesday March the 18 th . Any late submission will result in a deduction of 10 pts. from your participation grade....
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