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Research Paper Assignment Sheet - 1 ENC 1102 Research Paper...

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1 ENC 1102 Spring 2009 Research Paper Assignment Instr. Mauro Carassai Important Dates Research Paper Draft Due: Monday, 04/13 Research Paper Final Due: Friday, 04/24 Research Paper The final draft of the research paper is the culmination of ENC 1102: Introduction to Argument and Persuasion. As the culmination of the course, you will incorporate your skills of argumentation, summary, analysis, and synthesis that you have refined all semester. In your research paper, you will make a clear, specific, narrow argument about an arguable topic. The argument must be logos-based and supported with evidence in the form of facts, statistics, and/or quotations from experts in the field (these elements constitute your opportunity to build your own ethos and, as a consequence, make your paper also ethos-based). Every claim must be supported with evidence. Audience Remember that you are writing to persuade a skeptical audience (that is, your audience won’t take claims on faith), so you must prove your argument’s validity with support from credible, relevant sources. Assume that your audience is well-educated but unfamiliar with your particular field. Argumentative Strategies
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Research Paper Assignment Sheet - 1 ENC 1102 Research Paper...

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