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1 ENC 1102 Spring 2009 Research Paper Assignment Pt. 2 Grading Criteria Instr. Mauro Carassai (This assignment sheet is to be considered an addendum and does not replace the previous one) Grading Criteria for the Final Draft: 1. Have a clear, strong thesis that is: specific, argumentative, and defines your scholarly position (not your personal position/opinion ) about the subject 2. Explain the controversy’s background and demonstrate full understanding of the topic; define key terms if necessary 3. Support your thesis with effective, substantial amounts of logos-based evidence 4. Analyze your sources and show how they support your overall point (i.e. prove the validity of your thesis) 5. Have a logical structure for your argument — make your argument STEP BY STEP 6. Acknowledge and rebut opposing points of view 7. Successful incorporation of sources 8. Communicate your ideas according to proper English grammar standards 9. Use proper citation style (MLA) in terms of format 10. Include a “Works Cited” page plus a “Works Consulted” page to show your complete
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