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ENC 1102 Spring 2009 Synthesis of Literature Assignment Pt.2 – Grading Criteria Instr. Mauro Carassai (This assignment sheet is to be considered an addendum and does not replace the previous one) Important Dates Final Version (with Peer Review) Due: Wednesday, 04/01 Page length should be in the 4 page range. Please stay within the prescribed length. The assignment should be double spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font, stapled and should meet all the general guidelines for formatting manuscripts and papers in MLA style. Also, you must attach a copy of your peer review in order to receive credit. Grading Criteria In order of importance, your grade will be based upon how successful you: 1. Compare & Contrast sources and illustrate how they relate/contradict/support one another and your own thesis. (50 pts.) 2. Introduce your research topic with concise background crediting concepts and ideas of
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Unformatted text preview: other authors (30 pts.) 3. Present the (possibly new) direction in which your research is engaged by offering an updated working thesis (30 pts.) 4. Incorporate quotes and sources into your essay according to the chosen documentation style (MLA format) (15 pts.) A 125 – 112 B 111 – 100 C 99 – 87 D 86 – 75 E 75 and below Remember : 1) Your synthesis essay should reflect an attempt to clearly define/circumscribe the scholarly context(s) of your research. 2) The refined thesis, which is the main goal of this assignment, is typically offered up as the conclusion of the synthesis of scholarly research. In other words, end your synthesis essay by clearly stating both your thesis and what goals your research paper is going to accomplish in relation to the existing scholarship you have analyzed in the previous paragraphs....
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