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rtv3007 exam _1 study guide - RTV 3007 Study Guide First...

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RTV 3007 ∙ Study Guide ∙ First Exam Below is a listing of items that you should know in preparation for the first exam (Friday, Feb. 6) that covers the history of telecommunication. With respect to pioneers that are listed, please know the significance of their contribution to the development of radio, broadcasting, television, etc. You will not be expected to recall specific dates; however it is important to have an understanding of general time periods and events that help illustrate important trends or developments. The exam will consist of 50 multiple choice questions, covering material reviewed during class (including the “Empire of the Air” documentary) and in the assigned readings, Chapters 1-2 of Broadcasting, Cable, The Internet, and Beyond. Note: We will have a review session concerning any questions that you have on the study guide during class on Wednesday, Feb. 4. FOUNDATIONS 1. Why telecommunication is an important infrastructure? 2. What is market and technological convergence? 3. Definition of broadcasting 4. Features that electronic media (broadcasting, cable TV) provide to the public: Diversion, enrichment and surveillance B ROADCASTING R ADIO 5. Weaknesses of wired communication 6. Samuel Morse 7. Alexander G. Bell 8. James Clark Maxwell 9. Heinrich Hertz 10. Guglielmo Marconi 11. Point to point vs. wireless 12. Initial uses of radio before broadcasting 13. Titanic and its affect on radio regulation and shipping industry 14. Reginald Fesseden 15. Audion. Lee DeForest 16. Navy and WWI’s effect on radio development 17. Formation of RCA, RCA Agreement 18. Frank Conrad, Significance of KDKA 19. Early formation of radio networks 20. Telephone group and toll broadcasting
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rtv3007 exam _1 study guide - RTV 3007 Study Guide First...

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