Syllabus RTV 3007 Fall 2009

Syllabus RTV 3007 Fall 2009 - RTV 3007 INTRODUCTION TO...

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RTV 3007 INTRODUCTION TO TELECOMMUNICATION SECTION 4477 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Instructor: William A. Renkus, Ph. D. Lecture: MWF Period 6 (12:50 PM – 1:40 PM) Room: Weimer 1064 (Gannett Auditorium) Office: 2022 Weimer Office Hours: E-mail: Phone: 273-1486 E-Learning: COURSE DESCRIPTION: Electronic media encompass all contemporary paths of mass communication into our lives: radio, television, cable, satellite and the Internet. This course investigates their dynamic influence by unveiling principles that govern media channels of information and entertainment. The goal for students is to understand how our media tools were created, were nurtured into an information industry, and now shape our lives in political, economic, and social ways. We will critically analyze the latest developments from the standpoints of media owners, advertisers, managers, producers, and audiences. COURSE OBJECTIVES: Students will gain knowledge of the telecommunication industry with an emphasis on learning specifically about broadcasting and cable. In addition, changes in new media, business practices, converging markets, and regulatory philosophies will be addressed. This course is designed to offer you an overview of the origins, organizations, and movements that have shaped electronic media. We will learn and discuss the following developments: The historical development of broadcasting and cable television The technologies involved in the creation of electronic media The structure, economics, and regulation of electronic media The political and legal issues involved in content and management decisions The economics of electronic media, including programming and ratings The lexicon involved within subsets of the telecommunication industry
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REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Joseph R. Dominick, Fritz Messere, and Barry L. Sherman. Broadcasting, Cable, the Internet, and Beyond, 6 th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2008. RTV 3007 slides, study questions, and exam grades are available through
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Syllabus RTV 3007 Fall 2009 - RTV 3007 INTRODUCTION TO...

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