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Essay 2: Media Assignment due 10/20 The following essay is due in class on Monday, Oct. 20 th : The reality we take for granted is a social construction. This is particularly apparent when we look at the information presented to us as fact through published academic research, word of mouth, or the media. Reality is influenced by the individuals and organizations responsible for creating, assembling, and disseminating this information. Choose an event that is currently making national headlines. It could be a story about the president or Congress, a major tragedy or disaster, or a highly publicized criminal trial. Over the course of a week analyze how this story is being covered by AT LEAST TWO (but you are welcome to use more) of the following: *Your local newspaper *The major national newspapers (USA Today, the New York Times, the Washington Post) *International media (The BBC, The Guardian, etc) *Alternative magazines (Utne Reader, Mother Jones, In These Times, and so on)
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