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SYG 2000x9297: Introduction to Sociology Third Essay : option 1 DUE Nov. 21 st at 5 pm Linking your personal history to your family history: Develop a chronicle of your family through interviews with your immediate relatives and analysis of family documents (photo albums, videos, written material.) Interview family members and record their responses, either by taping them and transcribing their answers or by noting down their responses. In a brief paper (2-5 pages) address aspects relating to your family’s history, immigration, roots. Begin with your background characteristics, and give a short family history in one or two paragraphs. Subsequently, ask questions linking your family history back to the themes we have discussed in the last 3 chapters: Gender and sexuality, Race and Ethnicity, and Marriage and the family. Below are some examples of the questions you could ask: 1. Education and Occupation: How much education have members of your family received? What is the attitude of your family toward the appropriate role of religion and education
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