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Delivery Presentation (includes Impromptu)

Delivery presentation includes impromptu

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Unformatted text preview: Delivering Your Speech Delivering Content and Delivery Content Today, we believe that nonverbal Today, communication is incredibly powerful. communication is Non-Verbal Expectancy Theory- the Non-Verbal audience has certain expectations about delivery and if you don’t live up then you violate their expectations. violate So, what do we expect??? Platform Conversation Platform When you speak to an audience, strive for When a natural, conversational tone: natural, Good eye contact Avoid distracting mannerisms Avoid a droning monotone Audience-Centered Delivery Audience-Centered Adapt to the room How many people are there? What are the demographics etc? Audiences believe what they SEE!!! Audiences If you look bored, yet greet the audience If by saying “I’m very glad to see you tonight…” what would you think? tonight…” People tend to believe the nonverbal People...
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