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Delivery Presentation (includes Impromptu)

General conversational style seems as though the

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Unformatted text preview: sational style Seems as though the speech has just Seems been developed, and to some extent it has. has. Speech and debate: 30 minutes to create Speech a 7 minute speech. minute Characteristics of effective delivery Characteristics So, now that you know how to speak So, conversationally, what do you do with the rest of your body? your Eye Contact Gestures Movement Posture Facial Expression Vocal Delivery Personal Appearance Eye Contact Eye Credibility- You will seem capable and Credibilitytrustworthy trustworthy Priority- Eye contact should be Priorityestablished before you speak established Inclusion- Look at everyone! Gestures Gestures Inappropriate Gestures Parade rest- hands behind back Broken wing/double broken wing- hands on Broken hips hips Hands in pockets Clasp hands Functions of Gestures Functions Repeating- reinforces the idea Contradicting- stay relaxed Complementing- add further meaning Emphasizing- shaking fist etc Regulating- invite audience to speak or Regulatingnot. not. Best to allow the...
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