Delivery Presentation (includes Impromptu)

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Unformatted text preview: s method is not encouraged for class This presentations. presentations. Memorized Speaking: Appropriate Use Use Accepting an award Introducing a speaker Take care to make presentation lively and Take interesting interesting Impromptu Speaking Impromptu Thinking on your feet Speaking off the cuff Informal Allows for a lot of eye contact Are difficult to deliver effectively Guidelines for Impromptu Speaking Guidelines Consider the audience What do they know about the topic? What do they expect you to say? Guidelines for Impromptu Speaking Guidelines Be brief- 3-5 minutes maximum Organize! Still create an Intro, Body, Conclusion Speak honestly form personal experience and Speak knowledge. Be cautious. We will talk more about impromptu We speaking… speaking… Extemporaneous Speaking Extemporaneous Speak from a written or memorized Speak general outline: like you do for class! general Conver...
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