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Delivery Presentation (includes Impromptu)

Message methods of delivery methods the style of

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Unformatted text preview: message. message. Methods of Delivery Methods The style of delivery you choose will The influence nonverbal behaviors. influence Four Methods of Delivery Four Manuscript Speaking Memorized Speaking Impromptu Speaking Extemporaneous Speaking Manuscript Speaking Manuscript Reading a speech directly from a paper Rarely done well enough to be interesting When should speeches be read? When Need for careful crafting In a crisis In the press For government officials When mistakes really matter Memorized Speaking Memorized Write out a speech word for word and Write memorize it for delivery memorize Done in speech and debate Allows for maximum eye contact with Allows audience audience Memorized Speaking: Risks Memorized Could sound stiff, over-rehearsed or too Could formal. formal. If you forget, it is difficult to adapt as you If go along. go Thi...
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