Delivery Presentation (includes Impromptu)

Not best to allow the content of the speech best

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Unformatted text preview: content of the speech Best dictate the gestures. dictate Use Gestures Effectively Use Stay natural Be definite Be consistent Don’t overdo it Appropriate Audience Message Movement Movement Movement for purpose, not distraction Think about the physical barriers Transitions- signal the beginning of a new Transitionsidea! idea! Posture Posture Avoid slouching Avoid shifting from foot to foot Avoid drooping your head Should not call attention to itself Facial Expression Facial Keep expression alert and friendly Vocal Delivery Vocal Speaking to be understood: Volume- not too loud, not too soft Articulation- the process of producing speech Articulationsounds clearly and distinctly. sounds Dialect- a consistent style of pronouncing Dialectwords that is common to an ethnic group or geographic location. geographic Vocal Variety Vocal Speaking with variety Pitch: how high or low your voice sounds. Pitch: Inflection: when you raise or lower your pitch; Inflection: helps determine meaning. helps Rate: how fast you talk. Pauses: Use effective timing with silence. Personal Appearance Personal Usually best to err on the side of Usually conservativeness. Look at the audience. Look Rehearse your speech Rehearse Now that you know the tools for effective Now speaking, you must practice them! speaking, Impromptu Speaking Impromptu Your Assignment!...
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