Group_Speech_Assignm - persuasive speech Each group member has a different role in the group Moderator Introduces/Concludes the entire topic

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SPC 2608 Group Speech Assignment Time:  25-35 Minutes (5-7 minutes per speaker) for groups of 5 20-28 Minutes for groups of 4 Point Value:  200 Points Purpose: To inform or persuade in a group setting Outline: Yes—Each person will submit her/her own outline Notes: Allowed, but ONLY on up to 3 note cards per person Visual Aid: Required Research Requirements: At least three sources PER SPEAKER (with full citations) Assignment description: Each group must prepare a 25-35 minute presentation of either an informative or 
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Unformatted text preview: persuasive speech. Each group member has a different role in the group: Moderator: Introduces/Concludes the entire topic, previews main points, moderates between speeches Main Members: Present the information in the form of separate speeches. All members must present speeches that have organizational structure and cohesiveness within the group....
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