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Impromptu_Speech_Assignment - Even though this speech is...

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SPC 2600 – IMPROMPTU SPEECH ASSIGNMENT TIME: 2-4 Minutes (+/- 30 seconds) POINT VALUE: 50 Points PURPOSE: To be able to speak “off the cuff” SPEAKING ORDER: Assigned VISUAL AIDS: None RESEARCH REQUIREMENTS: None Choose a quotation. You will have two minutes to prepare a 2-4 minute speech. Process: Define the quotation. Do you agree or disagree? Give some reasons why. It is best to try to think of some real or theoretical reasons for your choice.
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Unformatted text preview: Even though this speech is “off the cuff,” you must still follow the speaking guidelines of every other speech we will do. You must include an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion, as well as signposts and transitions. This speech requires you to think on your feet and also to be organized. You will be allowed one note card on which you will prepare your outline—this may be done in any fashion that you choose....
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