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Informative/Demonstrative Speech Assignment Prepare a 5-7 minute speech informing the audience of a topic with which you are familiar, or demonstrating a process. In choosing a topic, be aware of your time frame, your personal experiences or abilities, and your audience. If you are doing a demonstrative speech, it may be wise to teach the audience how to do part of a process (for example, demonstrate how to pass a basketball, as opposed to how to play the game of basketball). If you are going to demonstrate part of a process, it might be wise to bring in a “finished product” to show the audience (such as a video clip of a basketball game where passing is integral, or if you are demonstrating how to cook something, bring in some of the cooked item). Visual Aid: Required—Keep in mind that there are a wide variety of visual aids available. This might include charts, graphs, maps, pictures, objects, video clips (keep them short!!) You may also choose to use Powerpoint slides, but if you do so,
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Informative_Speech_Assignment1 - I nformative/Demonstrative...

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