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PERSUASIVE SPEECH ASSIGNMENT Time: 6-8 minutes Point Value: 200 points Purpose: To persuade your audience Notes: Allowed, but ONLY on up to 3 index cards  Outline: Required Visual Aids: Required Research Requirements: At least 5 sources (cited APA or MLA) – ALSO! You must  cite your sources in your speech. Questionnaire: Optional—you may bring in a survey to gauge your audience’s  understanding of your persuasive topic. I recommend that  you limit your survey to 5-10 questions, but you can use your  own discretion. If you choose to give a survey, you must  bring enough questionnaires for everyone in the class to fill 
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Unformatted text preview: out. In this speech, you are expected no only to inform the audience of a problem or proposition that you make, but to motivate the audience to some sort of action. You may organize your speech using any pattern: cause/effect, problem/solution, motivated sequence, etc. as long as it assists in your speech as a whole. You must use visual aids and use them well. Remember that this is a persuasive speech, and your visual aids can help to appeal to emotions in a persuasive way. You will be graded on verbal and non-verbal content....
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