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Topic: Walt Disney World Theme Parks General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform our audience of the 4 theme parks located at Walt Disney World. I. Introduction: Have you ever wanted to just get away from life and have a day where there are no work or school problems? Where you are at the happiest place on earth where dreams come true? I’m sure we’ve all needed to escape before and fortunately just two hours south of Gainesville is the place where we can find this solitude. http://youtube.com/watch?v=P1KcUvEdzxw The Walt Disney World Resort, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, according to Wikipedia.com is the most visited and largest recreational resort in the world, containing four theme parks, two water parks, twenty-three themed hotels, and numerous shopping, dining, entertainment and recreation venues. It is the quintessential vacation hotspot for all ages and interests. In fact, we aren’t the only people who loving visiting the 25,000 acre getaway. The Themed Entertainment Associates reported the estimates of theme park attendance for 2007 in a recent issue of “Park World,” a theme park magazine. It was estimated that: * Magic Kingdom, 17 million visits (No. 1 worldwide) * Epcot, 10.9 million visits (No. 6) * Disney's Hollywood Studios, 9.51 million visits (No. 7) * Disney's Animal Kingdom, 9.49 million visits (No. 8) All are found in Central Florida! As you can see, Disney World sets the bar for the tourism industry and competes essentially with its own parks to reach the top. Although it is an extremely successful and large company today, at one time, it was only found on the west coast in a theme park known as Disneyland. Walt Disney, the creator of the Disney Empire, realized that only 2% of Disneyland’s visitors came east of the Mississippi River where 75% of the country lived.
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