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munication techniques to foster active inquiry

munication techniques to foster active inquiry - to...

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1. munication techniques to foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom. 2. The teacher plans instruction based on curriculum goals, knowledge of the teaching/learning process, subject matter, students’ abilities and differences, the community, and adapts instruction based on assessment and reflection. 3. The teacher understands the legal aspects of teaching, including the rights of students and parents/families, as well as the legal rights and responsibilities of the teacher. 4. Realizing that diversity issues are an important aspect of teacher preparation, diversity is addressed in this course in chapter 3. VIII. Course Objectives: A. Define terminology related to special education and explain the functional approach
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Unformatted text preview: to providing special education services. B. Describe the effects of historical forces and the impact of legislation on special education. C. Acquire competence in special education issues: normalization and its effects, IEP components, diverse cultural backgrounds, and children who are “at risk” for handicapping Chapter One • Who are exceptional children? • Prevalence • Classification/labeling • Special education laws • IDEA June 2, 7 Chapter Two • Special education process • IEPs • Definition and prevalence of blindness/low vision • Types and causes • Educational approaches July 19: Quiz #9 over chapter 10...
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