Nervous and Spec. Senses

Nervous and Spec. Senses - Caduceus International...

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1. The largest region of the brain is the: cerebrum 2. The term "psychology" literally means: the process or procedure of the science or study of the mind 3. The area of the brain responsible for respiration, heart rate, and smooth muscle control of our blood vessels is the: medulla oblongata 4. The structure that conducts nerve impulses to and from the brain and serves as a reflex center for some sensory information without input from the brain is the: spinal cord 5. The three layered membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord and literally means membrane is called the: meninges 6. The cord-like (string-like) structures that carry bio-electrical impulses from one part of the body to another are called ________. nerves 7. A group of nerve cell bodies that are found outside of the spinal cord and brain are referred to as: ganglions or ganglia (pl.) “literal meaning knot” 8. The term that means spinal cord inflammation is: myel/itis 9. The combining form en/cephal/o- actually means: brain “literally means within head” 10. The combining form phren/o- means: mind or diaphragm “phren/ology and phrenic nerve” 11. The combining form that means "physical sensation, sensitivity, or feeling" is: esthesi/o- 12. The combining form phas/o- means: speech 13. The combining form ment/o- means: mind “ment/al” 14. The prefixes hemi- and semi- mean: half 15. The prefixes quadri- and tetra- means _________ and terato- means_______. four and monster 16. The word part -iatro- in iatro/genic or ger/iatric/ means: referring to a physician or medicine 17. The suffix -paresis means: partial paralysis “paraparesis means slight or near paralysis” 18. The diagnostic term for inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord is: polio/myel/itis “anterior part of spinal cord horn” 19. The endocrine system and the nervous systems are referred to as: master body systems 20. The diagnostic terms Neur/itis and Neur/algia mean: inflamed nerves and pain in the nerves 21. The diagnostic term En/cephal/itis actually means: inflammation of the brain 22. The diagnostic term that means tumor made up of nerve cells is: neur/oma 23. The diagnostic term that means softening of the brain is: en/cephalo/malac/ia Caduceus International Publishing :: Welcome 1 of 6 4/5/2010 8:32 PM
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24. The diagnostic term Cerebr/al Thromb/o/sis means: condition of a blood clot in the brain “cerebrum” 25. The diagnostic term Neur/asthenia means: nerve weakness 26. The diagnostic term for a disease characterized by early senility, confusion, loss of recognition of persons or familiar surroundings, and restlessness is: Alzheimer’s Disease 27. The diagnostic term for a viral disease that affects the peripheral nerves and causes the skin to blister along the course of the nerve is: shingles - herpes virus that cause chickenpox “Herpes Zoster” 28. The interruption of blood supply to the brain caused by a cerebral thrombosis, cerebral embolism, or cerebral
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Nervous and Spec. Senses - Caduceus International...

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