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Printable Test: Respiratory Systems 1. The lymphoid tissues located behind the nasal cavity are called: tonsils "small mass or almond" 2. Both food and air travel through the: mouth and pharynx or throat 3. The double-sac membrane that covers each lung and lines the thoracic cavity is the: pleura 4. The surgical term for the puncture of the chest cavity in order to aspirate fluid is called: thoracocentesis 5. The medical term 'hypoxemia' means: deficient oxygen in the blood 6. The area in the lungs where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged is called the: alveolus or cavity (alveolar sacs) 7. Pulmonary Endo/scop/y is best used to _____________ diseases of the Respiratory System. view and diagnose 8. The term Ortho/dont/ist literally means: straight/teeth/specialist 9. The term Eu/pnea actually means: well, easy, true, normal, or good breathing 10. The term Dys/phasia means difficult or faulty: speech or utterance 11. The term Trachy/os/tom/y actually means: creation of an artificial mouth-like opening in the throat and neck 12. The suffix ___________ is added to word part Pneumono-/________ to refer to the surgical procedure of puncturing oxygenation. -centesis 13. The diagnostic term for pus in the pleural space in the chest is: pyo/thorax 14. The diagnostic term for narrowing or contraction of the larynx or voice box is: laryngospasm or laryngo/stenosis 15. A patient with diagnosis of blood in the chest has a: hemo/thorax 16. The condition where the bronchi of the lungs are dilated outward is: bronchi/ect/asis 17. When lung tissue swells as a result of distention and loss of elasticity in the alveoli, the condition is
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Respiratory Systems - Caduceus International Publishing...

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