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Printable Test: Musculoskeletal 1. The myeloid tissue in cancellous bone is semi-liquid and produces most RBCs, WBCs, and Platelets is usually referred to as: bone marrow or red marrow 2. The upper jawbone is called the: maxilla 3. The first seven bones of the vertebral column (forming the neck) are the: cervical 4. The third set of 5 large vertebrae, which form the inward curve of the lower spine and are the spinal column's major weight bearers, are called: lumbar vertebrae 5. The wrist bones composed of 8 small bones in two rows are called the: carpus or carpals 6. The ankle bones are called the ________ bones: tarsal "flat surface" 7. The combining forms or terms that literally mean "rib" are: cost/o and pleuro- 8. The combining word form that refers to the "spine, vertebral column, and/or vertebra" is: "rachi/o- and “spondyl/o-“ 9. The term that means cartilage swelling or cartilage tumor is: chondroma 10. The diagnostic term that literally means inflamed joint is: arthr/itis 11. The medical term Burs/itis literally means: wine sac or sac inflamed 12. The term Ankylosis literally means: "crooked, stiff, bent/condition; bones pathologically fused together 13. The combining form of a term that means "hump or hunchback" is ________, and the medical condition of __________ is the backward bending of the thoracic (chest vertebrae) spine. kypho- - kyph/o/sis 14. The diagnostic term Genu Varum ( knees are in the varus position) means: Knees are bent outward (bow-legged) 15. The combining form __________ means bone marrow or spinal cord. myelo- "osteomyelitis or myelogram" 16. The combining forms that mean "movement or motion" are: kinesio- and -praxia 17. The combining forms that mean "stone" are: petro- and litho- 18. The combining form scolio- means: crooked and curved - lateral or side curve (to bend) of vertebrae, along with rotation 19. An ankle sprain is often characterized by ________: hematoma formation, with ligaments that are stretched, partially, of fully torn 20. The diagnostic term Ankylos/ing Spondyl/itis refers to the auto-immune condition of Rheumatoid Arthritis and actually means: the abnormal condition of stiffness and fusion of vertebrae
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Test - Musculoskeletal - Caduceus International Publishing...

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