Journal#5 - holiday?” “Yes I did Only for 8 days I went back to get my I-20 form and then I came back to have my summer semester and had a

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Guo Yuxin Dr. Lindsay 9/14/2007 Journal #5: In the library, I and another Chinese student were taking a rest and having a conversation by the window. Record “Some of my friends can not get contact with me since I have no cell phone. I am planning to buy one. It makes me feel great that someone needs me.” “Your roommates are Americans?” ”Not exactly. Actually, there is only one American living with me. ” “Look at those foreigners! How happy they are when they walking in the rain! It reminds me the old days in which I am riding a bicycle with my mother in the rain. It's great soak in a hot spring after riding. I can relax myself.” “Did not you go home this summer
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Unformatted text preview: holiday?” “Yes, I did. Only for 8 days. I went back to get my I-20 form, and then I came back to have my summer semester and had a tours to New York City. I should have spent more time with my family. ” Respond She has a telephone in her dorm and most of her time is spent there. It is unnecessary to buy a cell phone. Maybe she would not want to miss any call. She lives with several Chinese, but still feels alone? Actually, we are foreigners here! It is far away from China. Why does she miss home so much but spent little time with her family? Instead of, she worked and traveled to New York. She considered study and experience were more important?...
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