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Guo Yuxin Dr. Lindsay 9/12/2007 Journal #4: As usual, I was cooking in Lee’s apartment. When I was cooking potato shreds, I put pepper in the boiled oil with the range hood on. The pepper made lots of smoke in a few seconds. The fire alarm rang. It was so loud and strident that Lee and I were in a panic. We close the stove, kept the range hood on, opened the balcony door, and use a chair to jam the exterior door. We hoped this will work and will make the fire alarm stop. Lee’s roommate Shupe walked from his room to see what was going on. He must know that we were cooking because he did not appear panic. After
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Unformatted text preview: confirming it was not a fire, Shupe went back to his room. Creque was not back but I knew Linly was in his room. Maybe he had already known it was cooking smoke. The alarm rang about 2 minutes, but it seems was 2 hours to Lee and me. About 5 minute later after the alarm stopped, a policeman came to check out. When he knew that we were cooking, he said it was fine, and then he went back to work. When I was writing this journal, I heard the fire alarm of other apartment ringing, again. Maybe someone is cooking....
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