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Guo Yuxin Dr. Lindsay 9/7/2007 Journal #3: Western Night Record The people from FOI (Friends of International) picked us up to the Western Night party. There was not enough drive, so they took some of the International students first, and then the rest, about 20 minutes later. Cowboy costume, neckerchief, cowboy hat and an insignia with my name on it. Square dance, all the people danced in two big circles, my partner is an African student “Nancy” Slang match. It was a slang list with their explanations in a disordered way. All of us, International students and locals were matching. Respond Most of our Chinese students needed a drive there, so we met at the globe, waiting for the friends from FOI to pick
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Unformatted text preview: us up. Several International students from other countries, but not much. Are the other International students from other countries have their cars? It should be the cowboy costume. I wrote down both my Chinese family name and my English name on the tag on the insignia. I know it was hard to pronounce my Chinese name, but my English name is much easier to remember. A hot young lady with sweet smiling. She was very shy, and just put her hands on mine. I do not think “Nancy” was her real name, what is her real name then? There were about 20 matches, but I could only recognize “Amigo”, which means “friend.”...
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