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Guo Yuxin Dr. Lindsay 9/2/2007 Journal #2: Pay for the Rent by Check Record I failed to do that the first time due to an authorization error of my credit card, so bring check with me this time. There were not too many people waiting in a line. Most staffs were all students, listening to music, receiving calls, dealing with the students who cam to pay for their rents. They are familiar with this job and very skillful. Sometimes, the assistant spoke too fast and not very clearly. I have to beg her pardon. I drew a check and asked for my receipt. Then I put my receipt in my file. Respond My credit card account is open just for1 months, the housing have not update the data yet. I have to pay by check. Most of my money is in my credit card account,
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Unformatted text preview: so I have to plan my financial issue properly, to make sure that I have enough money at any time. I went there in the meal time, so I did not need to wait for a long time. Most of American students have their jobs. My roommate Craig, who is working for a construction company, also does some computer programs. Our Chinese students are not used to that. We do not do part-time job very often. Actually, we consider ourselves not qualified to do some jobs such as programming. Sometimes, due to the housing’s net system error, we may be charged $50 as the late fee. I have an experience of that. Fortunately, I have the receipt with me, and I got my late fee back....
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