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Guo Yuxin Dr. Lindsay 8/30/2007 Journal #1: Jackie, Lee (my Chinese friends) and I cook and eat together in Lee’s apartment. Lee lives with two Americans, Shupe and Linly, and one International student, Creque, who is from anther country. We were planning to share our supper with them because we cook there everyday, and it is not polite if we just do our business. Before Jackie came back from class, I and Lee began our cooking. Then Jackie came for help. It took us one hour to finish three courses, fried peas, tofu and ham stir-fry, and boil pork with potato and eggplant. When the meal was ready, we knocked their door and asked them to enjoy the meal with us. They all appreciated our effort, and took their table wares and took
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Unformatted text preview: seats. It was the first time in their life to take these Chinese courses. One of them said they fry almost everything in America, but never peas. Lee said, “You can have a try,” and he ladled some peas to Creque. Lee thought he ate too little. Creque smiled a bitter smile. Maybe he though it was not healthy or fried peas is not their favor. However, we were pleased to see that they ate a lot of the boiled potatoes, pork and eggplant. They ate so much that I was afraid that we could not eat our fill. They liked the tofu, but only Shupe knew how to eat it with chopsticks. He is not that skillful, but that is good enough. Finally, we had nothing left on the table, but I, Lee, and Jackie still felt a little hungry!...
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