Aug 30 supplemental msg. - Class: Some of you had some...

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Class: Some of you had some questions about the assignments we did in the class on Thursday and those listed on the syllabus. Here is a clarification of what I intended and what you should include in your portfolio: 1. Freewriting (the one we did in class), followed by doing the Action part of BOX 4 (p. 73). Put this in the “BOXES” section of your portfolio as, of course, “Box 4.” 2. Box 5 (p. 84): Your visit to the Atrium on the way out of class and your recording of your Informational Notes and Personal Notes will go into the “BOXES” section of your portfolio; label it as “Box 5.” Originally, I had said to put it into your journal section, but upon reflection, I think putting it in the “BOXES” section makes more sense. 3. Box 6 (p. 91)—on the syllabus as an assignment. This is actually the EXAMPLE of how I want your journal notes to look. Rather than do this Box specifically, use it as a model and a set of instructions for the journal writing requirement we talked about in class and discussed below. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO BOX 6 AS A SPECIFIC “BOX” assignment and I do not expect to see it in the “BOXES” section of the portfolio. Note that there are further good examples of the journaling on pp. 95-101. 4. JOURNAL ENTRIES—this new assignment is not listed on the syllabus, so, let me clarify it. I want you to begin a “JOURNAL/NOTES” section in your portfolio and add to it every week. I am asking for THREE ENTRIES PER WEEK. The entries are to deal with WRITING and WRITING IDEAS and SUBJECTS that
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Aug 30 supplemental msg. - Class: Some of you had some...

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