Artifact list and relavance of artifacts to my project

Artifact list and relavance of artifacts to my project -...

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I first think about Chinese knot as an artifact because of its meaning. It looks like two shaking hands joining together, which represents friendship. Knot is a metaphor of communication and Chinese knot expresses goodwill of building a friendly relationship with foreign friends. It just fits my paper, because the purpose is that our Chinese Students want to be friends of American people. When I visited CFA office, to my surprise, I found a Chinese knot there. As the most important Chinese organization in SPSU, they are willing to be the friends of others, they wants to make friends
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Unformatted text preview: Chinese knot makes me think deeper about the purpose of study in the United States. I am major in Technical Communication, which need some communicate skills. Some of my other friends are major in International Relationship and Business. All of them are relevant to communication. We are here, not only to pursuit our American dream, but also need to be friends with American people. On the other hand, we want American people to make friends with us. Here, I use Chinese knot to express a hope of joining hands with Americans....
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