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FINAL REFLECTION - information that is ignored in daily...

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Guo Yuxin Dr. Lindsay 10/10/2007 FINAL REFLECTION: Frankly, I have to say that, at first I did not know exactly what I was doing. Essays, journals and boxes, even the textbook, they made no sense to me at all. Especially the journals, it just appeared to me that I simply record what happened in my life from my view. After I talked to some people and exchanged our ideas on certain things, especially the group visit to Buckhead, I realized that, people hold different perspectives with me, and I was surprised that our points of view towards the same thing were often different. The others’ voices provide me a new world that I have never been explored and experienced. I considered writing a kind of exploration. Writers have to explorer their own world and sometimes, they need to explorer others’ worlds so that they can reinspect themselves in a totally new perspective. For the readers, they can get some
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Unformatted text preview: information that is ignored in daily life. For me, to explorer my and others’ cultures is a process can benefit myself. As a writer, I am more sensitive about the life and the people in my world, as well as others’. I feel everything is worth of observation because some tiny things can provide evidences of truths. Since I write something I considered as truths to share with my readers, I should always take responsible for my writing and involves every perspective of different people. I add more details to my writings but the sources are the problem. To get reliable information is not very easy because everyone hold different perspectives base on his or her interests, culture backgrounds and attitudes. Most of my information comes from my observation. I think doing research is my weak point, as well as the words expression....
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