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should you be a friend with benefit - Guo Yuxin Professor...

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Guo, Yuxin 1 Professor Lindsay 10/04/2007 Should you be a friend of benefit? For Human being, like other creatures on the planet, to live is one of our instincts. We do everything to make us survive and we do everything to make our life better. As far as I am concerned, to be a friend of benefit is a must. It is nothing bad to be a friend of benefit. There is an old Chinese saying goes, “Food is the most important thing in the world.” We buy beautiful clothes, have delicious meals, drink clean water and get educated. They are basic needs which need money to afford, and the fact is we can not even live without them. We do everything from the concern of our own good. Workers work harder if they can get more wages, scientists put more time and energy in a project if they can make their dreams of their childhood come true. They are all spurred by either material or spiritual benefit, or both. However, most people say that it is the process that makes people happy. Is it better if we can get reward for what we have done? The answer is “Yes”. Benefit provides us a
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