Muscic Comments#2 - Vocal Music Handel's Messiah(Baroque By Handel(1685-1759 I like it also because of its flowing effect created by overlapping of

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Guo Yuxin A C1 #15 Professor Farber Arts 2203, section 1 October 31, 2007 Instrumental Music: Menuet in G Major (Baroque) By Bach (1685-1750) I like it because of the tuneful melody and its symmetrical structure. After the first theme repeat twice, the second theme begins with pitch leaping significantly, also following a repetition of the second theme. The whole piece is very clear with some decoration. Lightsome touches on the keyboard create a feeling of dancing. The tempo is slow in triple meter which also makes the movement fit dancing.
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Unformatted text preview: Vocal Music: Handel's Messiah (Baroque) By Handel (1685-1759) I like it also because of its flowing effect created by overlapping of voices. The theme is fully developed by two vocal lines with one viol lion accompaniment. The male basso chorus imitates the female line, creating a balance between the very high and the very low, but accomplishing a striking contrast. The notes rise to the mountain and gradually drop into the valley. All the pitches seems high but still stay in the average vocal range....
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