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My Understanding about Music - Guo Yuxin C1#15 Professor...

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Guo, Yuxin C1 #15 Professor Farber 8/23/07 My Understanding about Music Before languages came into being, people used sounds to communicate with the others. They yelled when they hunted; they sang songs when they celebrated a big harvest; they wept with grief when their loves were dead. Sound expresses many kinds of emotions that cannot be expressed by languages. These different sounds are the original form music today. Actually, music itself is a language. It has seven letters — C, D, E, F, G, A and B. No matter which countries we are from, we use the same letters. Although our music is based on the same language, it does not mean that it is humdrum, but on the contrary, it is diversiform. Music is a reflection of different cultures. We have cultures of times, cultures of nations, cultures of communities, and cultures of individuals. We have many cultures, so we have many kinds of music. We are endowed by the nature with certain instinct that we can share the same language of music. As far as I am concerned, that is reason we are from different culture background but can
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