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Guo Yuxin Professor Orr English 3001, section 1 12 October 13, 2007 In the article “Clearing the air of global (warming) misunderstanding”, the author used a refutation organizational pattern, in which each of author’s main points addressed and then refuted an opposing claim to his position. In the first paragraph, an opposing position was stated, which is “I simply can’t stand by and let Stuart’s article ‘Clearing the air about everything green’ go unchallenged”. Each of the following support main points accompanied with questions as subtitles described the
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Unformatted text preview: ramifications of the opposing idea, such as the UV rays hitting earth directly are cause by men’s and can cause damage to the earth activities to some extent. Moreover, the author also offered evidence for his position, such as “That is a 5% reduction in our OUTPUT of CO emissions- not a 5% reduction in emissions in the ATMOSPHERE.” More statistics and examples could be picked up in the article. All in all, the article is clear enough and successful stated the author’s opinion on this environment issue....
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