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Gingivitis Intro An ever on going war that seems to have no end, nope I am not speaking about the war in Iraq, but in actuality the never ending war in your mouth for supremacy between you and the bacteria that cause Gingivitis. Summary of Gingivitis Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums that cause such actions as discoloration of the gums due to bacteria that thrive in your mouth. Examination of the mouth shows us that it is the perfect environment for the bacteria to continuously keep fighting with such a natural advantageous surrounding. The area is a moist, warm environment with a constant supply of food from the daily diet of the person. For gingivitis to develop, plaque must accumulate in the areas between the teeth and when the plethora of bacteria capture your mouth they continue to become the disease known as gingivitis and turn the mouth into a warzone. The Damages of Gingivitis Gingivitis can cause a wide variety of damages to a person if left untreated and uncared for with minor problems beginning with swollen and soft red gums according to
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