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syllabus 1701 SPRING 2009

syllabus 1701 SPRING 2009 - ARC 1701 ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY...

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ARC 1701: ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY ONE (NON-MAJORS) SPRING 2009 Course Description: ARC 1701 is a general survey of the history architecture from antiquity to the present. Lectures will examine the effects of social, political, material, technological, and cultural forces on the design and construction of the built environment and explore the role of the architect in civil society. This course is design for general education of students that are not majors in the School of Architecture. Criteria for general education courses for humanities and diversity credit are to be found on the UF website at www.cbe.ufl.edu/gened/genedinfo.asp . Instructor: Associate Professor Diana Bitz 215 FAC 392-1418 [email protected] Monday and Wednesday 2-4 PM (If theses hours are inconvenient, please schedule an appointment for another day and time) Class Schedule: Periods 8-9 Tuesday and Period 9 Thursday Weimer 1064 Suggested Readings: The required information for the tests will be uploaded on webct. You must be registered for the course to access this material.
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