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Group Project Overview - th century bishops and the Vatican...

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Page 1 Saints and Boddhisatvas Page 2 Webster defines as “one officially recognized especially through canonization as preeminent for holiness” Saints are vital in many religions as an entity who is close to God, yet close to the people. Some religions use the term to refer to people who have had a religious experience and who behaving very religiously The term “saint” isn’t only used in Christianity, in various religions throughout the world it can refer to someone who has reached enlightenment or the highest understanding of their given religion. Page 3 Catholic Church The title of Saint refers to a person who has been formally canonized (officially recognized) by the Catholic Church, and is therefore to be in Heaven. There are over 10,000 named saints in the Catholic Church They used to choose them based on the public’s affection for them but since the 10
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Unformatted text preview: th century, bishops and the Vatican choose who is to be named a Saint. Page 4 • Saint Mary or Virgin Mary • Known to be the mother of Jesus Christ, recognized as saintly in many different religions • Roman Catholics believe that Mary was conceived and born without the stain of Original Sin, thereby making her eternally perfect, divine and immaculate from all forms of evil. • Some use Mary as an intercessor of God and pray to her knowing she is close to God Page 5 • Saint Peter • Became the head of the Twelve Apostles • Known to have a very close relationship with our Savior • Catholics consider him the “First Pope” Page 6 • Saint Anthony • Founder of Christinan Monasticism • At 35 he went into seclusion and at that time he experienced, says tradition, every temptation the devil could devise, but he repelled them...
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Group Project Overview - th century bishops and the Vatican...

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