Chapter 2 - : delusion of being a wolf Mass madness :...

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Chapter 2 20:48 Asylums : historically, these were institutions meant solely for the care of the  mentally ill Catharsis:  discharge of emotional tension associated with something, such as  by taking about past traumas Deinstitutionalization : movement to close mental hospitals and treat people  with severe mental disorder in the community Dream   analysis : method involving the recording, description, and interpretation  of a patient’s dreams  Exorcisms : religiously inspired treatment procedure designed to drive out evil  spirits or forces from a “possessed” person Free   association : method for probing the unconscious by having patients talk  freely about themselves, their feelings and their motives  Insanity : legal term for mental disorder, implying lack of responsibility for one’s  acts and inability to manage one’s affairs  Lycanthropy
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Unformatted text preview: : delusion of being a wolf Mass madness : historically widespread occurrence of group behavior disorders that were apparently cases of hysteria Mental Hygiene movement : movement that advocated a method of treatment focused almost exclusively on the physical well-being of hospitalized mental patients Moral management : wide-ranging method of treatment that focuses on a patients social, individual, and occupational needs Nancy School : group of physicians in nineteenth-century Europe who accepted the view that hysteria was a sort of self-hypnosis Saint Vituss dance : name given to the danivng mania that spread from Italy to Germany and the rest of Europe in the Middle Ages Tarantism : dancing mania that occurred in Italy in the thirteenth century 20:48 20:48...
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Chapter 2 - : delusion of being a wolf Mass madness :...

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