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psych exam 3 readings - Chapter 5 health psychology:...

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health psychology: concerned with the effects of stress and other psychological factors on the development and maintenance of physical problems behavioral medicine: approach to physical illness concerned with psychological factors that may predispose an individual to medical problems -PTSD is an anxiety disorder; however, it is a disorder for which stress is considered to play a pivotal causal role -external demands are known as stressors -efforts to deal with stress are known as coping strategies -stress is fundamentally an interactive and dynamic construct, it reflects the interaction between organisms and the environment overtime -stress can occur in both positive and negative situations Distress: bad stress that has the potential to cause more damage -stressors can supposedly be identified as causal factors specified on Axis IV for disorders such as Adjustment disorder, acute stress disorder, PTSD (ex. PTSD is Axis I diagnosis, military combat is the stressor listed in Axis IV) -role of stress is recognized in the diagnostic formulations -gene 5HT-TLPR is linked to how likely it is that people will become depressed in the face of life stress (people with 2 short forms of the gene more likely to experience stress than people with two long forms of the gene) -no two people are faced with the same pattern of stressors -coping styles may be linked to underlying genetic differences Stress tolerance: a person’s ability to withstand stress without becoming seriously impaired -stressors often have cumulative effects (being exposed to a single stressful experience can enhance responsiveness to stressful events that occur later) Crisis: time when a stressful situation threatens to exceed or exceeds the adaptive capacity of a person or group -the faster the life changes occur, the greater the stress that is experienced
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psych exam 3 readings - Chapter 5 health psychology:...

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