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Unformatted text preview: TACTICAL UNMANNED MULTIPURPOSE MOBILE ROBOT PROJECT SUPERVISOR: BRIG. DR.AKHTAR NAWAZ GROUP MEMBERS NS SIDRAH LIAQUAT 25 EE NS MUHAMMAD OVAIS ZUBERI 25 MTS NS AAMNA FAYYAZ 25 MTS NS HASAN JATALA 25 MTS PROJECT CONTINUATION PROJECT CONTINUATION ► DE 23 started the project ► DE 25 ► DE 24 continued the project PAF requires EOD robots ARMY required IED disposal equipment Second prototype to be made to meet these requirements. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES AIMS AND OBJECTIVES ► Development of a rugged all terrain mobile robot platform ► Development of a multipurpose mechanical interface ► Development of necessary system electronics ► Development of associated software ► Implementation of Kalman filter based localization to improve situational awareness TIME LINE & WORK TIME LINE & WORK DISTRIBUTION ► The project is divided into four major modules ► Microsoft project is used for time and work Mechanical Electronics Programming Localization distribution PROGRESS TILL DATE PROGRESS TILL DATE MECHANICAL MECHANICAL ► ► PRO­E design and analysis Material selection Aluminium alloy 6063 Processes: ► Tempering ► Anodizing ► Sand blasting ► Bake painting ► Motor selection Power calculation Motor rpm calculation Motor torque calculation ► Acceleration torque ► Frictional torque ► Model number 2640 ELECTRONICS ELECTRONICS ► OCU: Cross Platform Compatibility ► SBC PCM 9579 Intel ULV Celeron 650 MHz To be upgraded to 512 RAM Compact Flash Card……capacity 4GB 4 USB ports 4 serial ports……….2 PIC 1 GPS 1 Extra Power supply ►PCM­P50, 50 watt DC­DC converter ► MICROCONTROLLER DSPIC30f2010 (2) ► 30 MIPS ► 16 bit ► 28 pin ► Digital signal processor based for motion control applications ► I2C interface ► Motor control PWM module ► UART Module 1 ► Quadrature Encoder Interface Module ► ADC channels Phase A phase B and Index Programmable digital noise filter on inputs 500 Ksps 6 input channels ► AUDIO/VIDEO CAPTURE CARD DVP­2420 ► ► ► Supports NTSC/PAL MPEG­1/2/4 VIDEO AUDIO encoding up to D1 resolution at 30/25fps. Hardware video encoding engine onboard PCI 104 module ►MOTION CONTROL CARDS The MD22 by Devantech is a robust low/medium power motor driver, designed to supply power for two motors. Several control modes. 5A current capacity for 5V to 50V motors. The MD03 by Devantech is a robust medium power motor driver designed to supply power and control for one motor. Several control modes. 20A current capacity for 5V to 50V motors. ► Electronic compass: CMPS03 Electronic Specifications Specifications Voltage 5v Voltage Current 20mA Typ. Current Resolution 0.1 Degree Resolution Accuracy 3-4 Degrees approx (after calibration) Accuracy Output 1 Timing Pulse 1mS to Output 37mS in 0.1mS increments Output 2 I2C Interface, Output 0-255 and 0-3599 SCL Speed up to 1MHz SCL Weight 0.03 oz. Weight Size 32mm x 35mm ► GPS GARMIN 15H/L ►Serial interface ►Uses 12 satellites ►Update rate 1­900secs ► GUI development PROGRAMMING PROGRAMMING ► Socket Programming Interfacing the keyboard/Joystick Visual feed back Server Application at the OCU end Client Application at the SBC end Interfacing DSPIC30f2010 Interfacing GPS 15H/L ► Serial communication ► Programming the DSPIC30f2010 ► Video/Audio transfer Serial communication Interfacing of motion control cards Interfacing of the compass Encoder interface ADC interface for battery monitoring and potentiometers Localization Localization ► Why localize? ► Sensor noise removal: the need for an adaptive filter ► “Kalman” the optimal filter Inputs Filtering Output ► Kalman filter test Filter design in MATLAB Interface of compass/microcontroller with MATLAB ► Results Zo e i sa 1 om n t t d e 20 8. 2 20 8 29 7. 8 29 7. 6 29 7. 4 29 7. 2 29 7 28 7. 8 0 1 0 2 0 3 0 4 0 5 0 6 0 7 0 8 0 9 0 10 0 OTHER IMPORTANT ISSUES OTHER IMPORTANT ISSUES ► Battery: NiMH/Lead acid comparison ► Money allocation: HEC grant of Rs.862,500 Money sanctioned through NUST Acct. ...
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