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The Scientific View - The Scientific View Lecture Notes...

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The Scientific View Lecture Notes Background - It did not b egin until the 1500s - It took awhile b ecaus e the West was hypnotized by the gre at Roman and Greek philosoph ers who had no clear idea about science a nd experimentation - They were also weighed down by trying to tie science with religion; religion was extre m ely important to p eople Francis Bacon - 1561-1626 - Englishm en - Advisor to James I - Father of Western Science becaus e he d eveloped the Scientific Method (Inductive Method) 1. Gather evidence 2. Conclusion 3. Test conclusion a g ainst evidence Rene Descartes - 1596-1650 - French m en - Equally responsible for creating scientific view - Believed world could be divided into things that can b e quantified and qualified - Science concerns itself only with quantity - Sep arated science from religion; science ne ed no longer b e moral - “give m e extension and motion, a nd I shall build you a world” - Scientists can now say it doesn’t m att er how moral it is, it only m att ers what works - Invented coordinate geo m etry which d epicted reality in m ath e m atical terms (and vic versa) Werhner von Braun - Built rockets for Hitler - Helped Americans build missiles and took U.S. to the moon - He did not care who he was working for; he just cared a bout science (his work); he w the perfect illustration of Descartes’ point about how science should b e void of moral The greatest scientific advances came in the study of the skies
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The Scientific View - The Scientific View Lecture Notes...

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