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Name__________________________________________ CHEM 141-Honors/Chapter 6 Quiz Each question is worth 5 Points. Show equation and set-up for each problem. Circle final answer and round final answer to the correct number of significant figures. Total Points = 25 Points. 1. Compare a substance with a high specific heat to a substance with low specific heat with respect to ability to absorb or release heat. 2. When a process occurs in which the system absorbs heat, the process is called _____________________. 3. Calculate the change in the internal energy of the system for a process in which the system absorbs 140 J
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Unformatted text preview: of heat from the surroundings and does 85 J of work on the surroundings. 4. A 400.0g sample of water is at 30.0 º C. How many joules of energy are required to raise the temperature of the water to 45.0 º C? 5. A sample of metal with a mass of 650.0g is heated to 98.0 º C and dropped into 500.0g of water at 28.4 º C. The water temperature rises to 39.0 º C. Assume there is no heat lost to the environment. A. What is the amount of heat gained by the water? B. What is the specific heat of the metal?...
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