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Hendrix 1 Renesha L. Hendrix Frankye Adams- Johnson ENG 205-12 February 16, 2011 Roselily by Alice Walker Roselily is the major character. Roselily is Christian woman from Mississippi and is getting married to a Muslim man. She is having second thoughts on her wedding day. One of the thoughts is moving to another state, away from her friends, with a man that doesn’t share the same religious belief as she does, but she loves the fact that he can take care of her and she doesn’t have to want for anything. Roselily’s husband is a minor character. He isn’t giving a name and drives a grey car, and for the time being is wearing a black tuxedo. Roselily’s husband wants her and her
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Unformatted text preview: children to move to Chicago with him and take on his religion. In the story, he represents Roselily’s future. • Roselily’s fourth baby’ daddy is also a minor character. This man is a Harvard man, with money and a good job, and felt that since Roselily wasn’t as educated as him, he couldn’t stay with her, that and he was married. While she was pregnant with their son, he tried to commit suicide. After she gave her son to his father, she never seen him and have been hoping to. In the story, he represents the her past....
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