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Hendrix 1 Renesha L. Hendrix Frankye Adams- Johnson ENG 205-12 February 16, 2011 Roselily by Alice Walker 1. Slaves had to weight the cotton before they were given to the customer, meaning they had to get just right for them. Roselily had to get just right for her new husband before they went to start a new life. 2. Roselily’s new husband’s attitude toward marriage is she should be a stay at home mother, cook, clean and change her religion views to his. 3. The father of Roselily’s fourth child was “weak” because he felt he was too good for her. He was scared to admit that he their child was from her, his mistress, when he took the baby to his wife and he never brought the child back to see its birth mother. 4. Roselily believes the roots set up the foundation of a person, but she also believe you should never forget where you come from.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Roselily marries this man because she saw a better life with him. He had money and lived in a better state than Mississippi. 6. Roselily may not become the woman her new husband wants her to be and may decide to leave her like her fourth babys daddy. 7. The preacher was always the one to guide her and now he doesnt approve of her marriage. 8. Roselily feels wrong because she doesnt know if she even loves the man or just what he can do for her and her kids. 9. Roselily is a person who wants a better life, but doesnt know where or what it is. She chooses to marry this man because she feel as if he can give her a better life, but she has to change herself and her views before be with this man and thats not going to be good....
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