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The Trials of Brother Jero

The Trials of Brother Jero - found out that Amope was...

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Hendrix 1 Renesha L. Hendrix Frankye Adams- Johnson ENG 205-12 February 16, 2011 “The Trials of Brother Jero” Understanding the Play 1. Brother Jero is a prophet, that was appointed by himself. He tricks people into paying him for his service and it just boosts his self-esteem, to the fact that he is just cocky; also, he does not give credit where it is due. 2. Chume is the opposite of Jero. He is honest and he helps everybody, even people who shows hatred towards him. 3. Amope is a menace; she goes around starting trouble with other people just for the fun of it. 4. Jero believes he his best at everything he does and that he is untouchable. Chume is a helpful person; he will stop what he is doing to help others. Amope is intimidating; she goes around bullying everyone not caring about his or her feelings. There are people who act like Brother Jero, especially in show business. 5. The unrevealed identities of Brother Jero and Amope is humorous because when Jero
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Unformatted text preview: found out that Amope was Chume’s wife he finally tells him to beat her after two years, to get out of paying her. 6. It is likely Chume will be commited to an asylum because everybody believes everything Jero says, so if he said it, it is true. “Under the name of Chume, and that he had better put him in a strait-jacket at once.” 7. Brother Jero’s trials are rather or not he is going to stop being conniving and stop tricking people, and use his authority for good. Jero is in a good position to change some things, but he only thinks about himself and that is not good. 8. Not everything and everybody live up to their title. Just because they call themselves a man of God, does not truly mean they are. Hendrix 2 9. Soyinka’s goal in writing this play was show the religious hypocrisy that happen with most people....
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The Trials of Brother Jero - found out that Amope was...

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