The Trials of Brother Jero (Background)

The Trials of Brother Jero (Background) - The Trials 0f...

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Unformatted text preview: The Trials 0f Brether Jere WDLE SD‘J’INEA UL-E SUYINEfl {1934- i. the preeltiinerit Nigerian writer, was the first African writer to receive the Mabel Prise fer literature. in the wenis ef the 1936 Mabel eem: rri'ttree. Starinlca is one whe “with wide eulrura] perspective and wirh.JI:J|:IIL' uvettunes. fashiuns the drama rii existenee." 4". [Irelifie anti vet- satile w'riten Searinlta is best itnelnrn her his Flaps The T'rislit rrf Brasher Jere “964]. Death and the King's Helms-mart [l'ii'i'S-J. and Requiem for er Fweiegist [I935 }; fer his prison peetty' s5. Sherrie in die Crypt ilfi'ili: int his AFtiean versitm erf Jphn Gale's The Beggar's Dpem. Opera Wenjasr' [195] I; int his autnhirigraphieal marks The Brian Died: Ffi'sm Here: {19?2} and Hire: The i’eers afflitt'idhmd { [931}; far The fierinnal hiaeraphy el' his is then iii-rind! {IQEQ}: and Far The Dyan See-re elf a Continent.- A Persemli Hermite affine Nigerian Crisis {1996}. a werir that Inn-its at pipliri-ral unresr in Nige ria. See-inhawas h-nrn in Ahenitu'ra 'in wear-em Nigeria- His pal-ears were hath 1I'lzrruisa. His marher passed en tr! him ttafitinmll. Temha culture. and his fethen when was headmaster in a local Christian grammar seheei. inu-edueerl him te medem Eurepean culture. hirer attending Nigerian sehee-ls. he studied at the UfilvtEE-ILY ei Leeds in England fretn I954 re I'S'fi'i'. graduating with heners in English. Fer the next three years, he read plays and are-re scripts fer the Royal Ceurt Theatre in Landau. Here his first cite maria sketches, meme. and series were perfumed. He returned to Nigeria in L'Eififl. where he raughr diama at lhatian. ife. anti Larges Universities and werlred at deueieiping a Nigerian theater. Pit Ihadari he was an aerer. eiirecteurI and dramatist. He published his first 1.Ieliume uiplays in 1915-3. in 195?. whiie Sunnis was Lhe tilteetta' al- the School of Drama at lire-den University. Nigeria was itwuived it: a enrii was. Seeinira believed in intellect-us] fi'EEdDFfl and pelitieal eemmitment. mm he append the milieer dictatorship in Nigeria and supperted the seees« sien pi Eisira {an eastern regien pf Nigeria that was an independent TtPUbl is '5 [mm 1965' III 1WD}. he wasarrested. denied a trial1 andplaeerl 1n splitsrr.I eertiinemen'r farm-enrprI-ve months. Dererrnined net to let this tactic dESEIIFEI" his rnlnd, Sen-Vinita seeretli.I used udureuer he had at hand In [mi his. rhnughts and. [n describe L‘I'l'tl: landseitpe ofthe loss oi human mntact” Once he was Freed1 he spent the next five years in Europe and in Ghana; he did mum-1mm Nigeria until UNIS. He then tESu med living in .‘leEtIII-tula. where he was e 33er nf comparative Iiteratute ot the Universil's oF We and also the chairperson of rhe drama department. n 1994 pniitieal pressure fore-ed Swirl-its to NIEEIIE again. The tote]- iearian regime that had late-ii.I tome tn I'm-wer was persecutltig Hlijl'flltfi' who sold he walks and was threatening tn cancel a conference at which he was to speak. Buyiflha Encapcd to- the United States. where he htiefl's' [alight [It Herein-ti Universities In I'E'El'fi he moved to .“Ltlanta. Genrgle. to teach at Emory Unl'fl'f'l'fiiit‘i'. He bassinet: been able to return to hltgerts1 although he contin ues to live in the United States. Soirinlts heiieves that a Isl-titer should nor evade the prfitnt bi- glon'mg in the past. In his words. "The artist has slwsi-s fitnerienerlas the record of the mores rind figment-.5 ail-us soeietir and as the trustee ofsisinn in his own time.“ Soyinlts is in [mm of broad Psi-sitter. interests whose writings reflect his prison experiences, the study e! the reiatienship between AEriesn myth and African literature the imp-ur- tanee nf‘l'neube. eraditien and the power ofnspetstition over human lift. the tenants-L between netlirional "t’aruha eulture and modern European culture. and the eomr pleatinr and enmsp-tion elf-city life in Higetia. I 1is works also reveal his interest in the duel nature of the human personalite. Diten his characters are both erestitre anti deetnsetiee, teetering between being master and t-ietirn and courting success while risking personal disaster. Soarinlte often uses satire es s was of presenting excessive ambitions intrigue and corruption. in this vein, he published the semis for-Le The Trials of Emther .l'ttrs- and a darker sequel. JE'I'H'I Wmiflhmfi [1973}- 63%: METERS IBRDEDAH. a Beach Divine fill: PRDFHET, his mentor EHUHE, sssisoant to Jerohosm sis-men his wife H. TRADER MERGER DP PfiRLlufl-‘IENT DHUbfl-{ER EDI! PEI'HTEN'I' NEEGIIBDURE “PUEEHIFP'EH-fi & WWI-1 MAKE-Lil. ...
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The Trials of Brother Jero (Background) - The Trials 0f...

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