Black Plague - June 28, 542 Dear Person Who Reads, Who is...

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June 28, 542 Dear Person Who Reads, Who is reading this letter? I do not know, and you may not know me. Therefore, I am going to introduce myself. My name is Vasiliki, meaning queen, Holobolos. Born and raised in Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire. It is true, the Justinian Plague has hit us and it is bad. It all started the day of the festival, the one where we celebrate the founding of our city. This plague is real bad. First, it starts with a fever along with some chills, nausea, and intolerance to light. It says it last two or three days, this is my first day with this, the Justinian Plague. It hurts my heart that I will not be able to get my family out of this poor life. My parents did not have any boys, and since I am the oldest, my father pushed me so much. Getting out of this lifestyle was my goal. It was either get rich or die trying. I guess it was “die trying” because this plague done got to me. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be dying at the age of fourteen. I always picture myself doctor and if I was, maybe I could have gone to Egypt, the home of all this mess, and stop the plague. Right I should be married off, to a wealthy like my younger sister, but I had to stay here and take care of my parents. My mama fell sick some years ago of something that the doctor could not diagnosis, and that is why really want to be a doctor, so I could help my mama heal from this sickness that took over her body. This plague is really tearing this world apart, by killing a lot of people, and when I say a lot that is exactly what I mean, ten thousand people a day. So many people dying it a shame, but it is God’s will. He must have a plan for the world to have such terrible thing happen to the world. I am writing this letter, so I will be able to leave my mark on this place I call earth. Since I cannot achieve my goals like I wanted too, I guess this will have to do. I had to write this letter before I get real sick because I wait until the next two days it will not get done. I heard after the first two days you get buboes, they are huge swellings that get all over your body, and some people may even go into a
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Black Plague - June 28, 542 Dear Person Who Reads, Who is...

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