Algebra II Review Sheet

Algebra II Review Sheet - s s^4 s 3s^2+8s-3 s(3s-1)(s+3)...

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Algebra II Review Sheet Simplify Complex Fractions 3s-1 ___S____ = 3s-1 / 3s^2+8s-3 = 3s-1 * s^4 = (3s-1)s^4_ = s^3 3s^2+8s-3
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Unformatted text preview: s s^4 s 3s^2+8s-3 s(3s-1)(s+3) s+3 S^4 Solve Rational Equations 9 + 2 =2 = 10(x 10 x+1 5...
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